Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Rutherfords and the Eldridges

Jess,a good friend who also does a simply amazing job running Little Red Schoolhouse in CB South, bought her sister, Molly, a photoshoot for Christmas last year. After being way too busy for one in the flowers this summer, we scheduled it for the fall. Personally, these are my favorite photoshoots - I just am in LOVE with fall here. And I adore these two families. I had a blast taking photos of them!

Alan and Molly's boys, Alex and Ian, are such great kids and all boy that it was a joy following them with a camera. And Amelia, Tom and Jessica's daughter (my daughter Ellie's good friend), is just so adorable with eyes you can just get sucked into. The camera definitely loves her!!

Here are just a few of my favorites from that shoot:

And just a few more of them....

Thanks again, Jess and Molly. I had a GREAT time with your families!

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idam-na-mamaha said...

beautiful photographs, excellent photography