Monday, June 23, 2008

I sold my first Gallery Print!

So thrilled! I just sold my Ancient Caddy photo from my first gallery showing! Thanks so much, John!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Red Schoolhouse Photos!

My girls are lucky enough to go to Little Red Schoolhouse and I felt privileged to be asked to do school photos for Jessica and the kids! This was my first time doing shots like this and truth be told, I was a bit nervous. How could I control that many little children? And how the heck could I do all the photos and not have it take most of the day?!?

But it was easy! Not because of anything I did, but because Jessica is so amazing with the kids. Her husband, Thomas, also made it immensely easier by helping me do some of the other important things like getting waivers signed, handing out information and more... And I never could have done it all without their help!

I had a blast doing it and hopefully everyone enjoys the resulting photos!

The groups photos were interesting. The poor seeds just dissolved into tears - even Sammie, my youngest, and she's used to this kind of thing! All the other group photos went well, though, with only a minor amount of photoshopping necessary.

And a few of the parents stayed so that I could shoot photos of their kiddos for individual shots. If I'm asked to do this again, I'll definitely build in more time to make this easier to do!!

I also learned how to create small packages that can be cut out for smaller photos. This allowed me to lower my prices just for this shoot while giving people more choices! I'd love to get feedback from parents that order these packages....

Finally, a small slideshow with these photos and many more!

Thanks again, Jessica, for asking me to help you out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yoga 4 the People

I got a phone call the other day from Monica, the owner of Yoga 4 the People. She had decided to take the company non-profit and was looking for some new images for advertising, etc. The only problem - she needed them ASAP!

So we discussed a few locations and finally came up with this - it's a small pond on the other side of Rainbow Park (where the pavilion had collapsed) and a huge dirt field. (I'm sure she had a bit of heart failure driving up! LOL!) Monica, her friends, boys and instructors headed towards the pond with me and my girls, who were to be a part of the shoot, as well.

We were truly blessed to have such an amazing day to take the photos! The sky was stunning, the slight cloud cover softened all the shadows and the just bare wind gave a wonderful reflection to the pond. It couldn't have been more perfect!

Oh, and if you're looking for a place to do yoga, I can't recommend Monica's studio enough. It's simply wonderful!

Here are some of the photos we ended up with:

(You can see my daughter, Ellie, in this shot attempting to pose!)

When we were done, I asked Monica if she'd like a few shots of her with her boys....

Thanks so much for trusting me to do this for you, Monica!