Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Changes in store

Well, my site has been redesigned (including a new logo) and I'm in the midst of working out details to launch my new look! I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and can't WAIT to get it up and running. (If only I could just have someone else set up my site, but I just had enough for the design. Wish me luck!)

A quick preview of the new logo in the meantime is at the top!

My latest gallery showing

Blue Eye

I was thrilled about a month ago when I go and email from the Alpenglow Gallery that 4 of my images were chosen to be shown! I was hoping to get one or two in so to have four chose, well, that just plain rocks....

But the coolest thing - I sold a photo during the opening. I was floored! And ecstatic about it, needless to say.
Wide World (sold!)

Anyway, the show goes through November so please make the trip up the mountain to check it out! You'll find Alpenglow just next to Camp 4 Coffee right as you disembark the bus - in the hallway. Definitely worth checking out - there are some amazing things there!