Monday, November 12, 2007

Adriane and Cory's wedding

For all my other weddings, I've always been so incredibly nervous that at the end of the shoot, I'm just exhausted. For Adriane and Cory, I tried to take a cue from her an not allow myself that stress - and I'm pleased to say that it worked!

But a big part of the reason is the laid back nature of both the bride and groom. They were incredibly easy to work with and both looked gorgeous! The church was amazing and I loved the reception location with it's wonderful light and beautiful yard and gazebo.

The biggest problem I have had, though, is culling through the 2000+ photo and organizing them! These are the ones that have popped out at me so far, though.

Enjoy! And congratulations, Adriane and Cory!


Adriane said...

Oh my god....they look amazing! You are so awesome! Thank you so much for everything!


Anonymous said...

You've done it once again!

lynne said...

What amazing images. The one in the car is beyond spectacular. A timeless work of art, that one! Bravo!