Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Brahlers - again!

Julie and her family are probably my most loyal customer. They are so awesome to shoot... and just wonderful people. Mark is an amazing dad, Matt is hilarious and Zack is adorable. And Julie is not only beautiful, she's always saying the nicest things about my photos... Hmmm, could that be why I like shooting them so much? Heh!

We met up at my old house (the owners were nice enough to offer it as a place for the photos) and wandered around taking a few photos where we'd done them before. Matt definitely loved to mug for the camera. And Zach loved climbing on the rocks!

Just a small sample of the photos we did that day:


mary elizabeth said...

fabulous shots here andi. and i love the processing. you have a knack for capturing emotional moments well.

AngelaPace said...

Wonderful Andi! What an adorable family! Nice job!