Monday, July 14, 2008

The Williams Family

After looking around for the perfect spot for Carol and her family, I came across the Woods Walk. I was stunned at how gorgeous the flowers were there! I literally have never seen that many columbine all in one spot. Amazing!

We did a few family shots and then I concentrated on the kids, Maggie and Jack. They were hilarious! So full of energy and so much fun. Both just wonderful children. They ran around in the columbine, blew dandelion clocks at each other and had a good time - and I had a blast shooting them!

Thanks for such a great photo session, Carol and Stan! It was a delight meeting your family. Have a wonderful stay here in paradise.

The flowers were amazing!

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Lynne Hulbert Photography said...

Lovely session, Andi! Nice use of the gorgeous setting. I am in love with that second photo, that one belongs big on a wall! Just spectacular!