Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Goals

After reading Kate Crafton's goals for 2008, I thought that was a wonderful idea... So once again, I'm copying her. I've never really gotten into "resolutions" because I like to start new things when it makes sense, not relegating them to the first of the year. But goals... well, those seem a bit different.

It's taken me a while to put my goals together, I wanted to have 5 of them and knew I could have good ones, but making the decisions on which ones was a bit tougher than I expected with family in town and Sammie getting sick. But I finally did it....

My 2008 Goals:

  1. FILM - I've been considering all the creative ways I've been using Lightroom - and all the different styles of "developing" that a lot of people are using - and it's got me wondering.... How close are these to film? Do I really understand the base concepts behind them? Are they really true to form? What else am I missing out by not knowing film very well? So I'm going to try to play around with taking photos with film this year. Chris, my husband, has an old film camera (Minolta, I think - I need to find it!) that I'll try out. If I like it, I'll look around at other options, but that's good for now... I'll let you know how it goes!
  2. RECONNECT - I feel as though I've lost connection with many people that I truly care about... Including some of my brothers as well as really good friends. This year is going to be about stepping back, figuring out who is important to me and making sure that I keep them in my life. Not just at a distance - you know, those friends you have that you don't chat with for years and yet it's always so easy to chat with them no matter when you do it? I don't want it to be months or years between connections.
  3. WRITING - While reading others' blogs and self portrait descriptions, I've come to realize how amazing some of them can write. Their descriptions inspire me, their comments move me and they way they express themselves amazes me. So I hope to improve my writing. I don't have any specific goals beyond having more interesting blogs and descriptions for my photos, but who knows where that can lead! As someone who has always hated writing and English (in school), this is a bit of a surprise to me - and I'm excited about it!
  4. SMUGMUG - I actually have two SmugMug sites - my professional one that most of you know of, and my personal one, which is protected. I've been quite good in the last year about editing and updating my professional one, but my personal one is sorely lacking. I'm literally about a year behind in updating it with photos of the girls.... I've gotten behind and just can't catch up. But I will this year! Even if that means slowing down on photoshoots. My personal site is just as important - maybe even MORE important - than my professional one!
  5. ACTIVE - My final goal is to remain active. I live in an amazing place, but I'm definitely at the low end when it comes to being in shape here. But with my life as a mom and photographer (my girls are only in school 2.5 days a week and lately it's been less with illnesses), it's often quite difficult to get out to ski or hike or bike or whatever. But my goal will be to remain active - whether it's doing 5 minutes of yoga, doing a 60 minute skate ski or even telemark ski for 4 hours - I plan on being a very good example for my girls!

I'm not going to put specific time frames or even specific goals around any of these because I'm not sure what they need to be yet. But I'm going to remind myself on a weekly basis that I have a lot to accomplish this year - and that I'm really excited about each and every one of my goals!

And as Kate asked, what are YOUR goals for the year?


Heasleye said...

Yay, Andi! Great line-up of goals. I must say I share a few of them with you...reconnecting/staying connected with friends, catching up on my family pictures, writing better and more, getting more active. Another goal of mine is to get as many of my pictures as possible into albums and hang a bunch on my walls!
All the best in 2008!

Angela Pace said...

Great goals for the year Andi. I think they sound wonderful - I look forward to "seeing" some of your goals! ;) The one goal I share with you is to get back to connecting with good friends. I agree - this is must. My other goals are to get back into running. Trying to not get too sucked up in anything else in my life right now... I need to focus on my current job and family and not stretch myself too thin. Other than that... I'm like you... I take things one day at a time and don't get too into "resolutions" at the beginning of the year. Anyway - hugs to you and good luck! Best wishes for '08!

Jeff said...

I have been thinking of shooting some with film as well. I am hesitant to pull out all my old Pentax 35mm gear, but am intently trying to gather info on the cheap Holga and Lomo medium format cameras. They are very simple machines, but produce a look all their own. I have also been thinking about a DVD of scanned images I made awhile back when I digitized my families photos. I have many that are 70 or 80 years old,,,,and up. I have wondered about creating presets to mimick the look. They are sure fun and inspiring to look through...if you can get past the hair-dos!!!

Heather Linford said...

You are my new photography hero! I got a Nikon for Christmas and I haven't been able to put it down. I am totally obsessed with photography these days and I am trying to learn and improve so I can eventually make money doing what I love. If you have any recommendations as far as books I should read or websites I should bookmark or **personal advise** about ANYTHING photography related I'd love to hear it. And, if you don't mind I am adding you to my cool links on my personal (and private) blog. We are all out in Arizona, but WOW you are the best I've seen yet...and I've been doing A LOT of hopping around. :)